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Photograph of a Jerry Galeries roadshow at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre.


Jerry Galeries

Standing as a musical luminary, Jerry Galeries is a Singaporean singer-songwriter captivated by the infectious beats and nostalgic melodies of the 80's. With a knack for recreating the vibrant sounds of SynthPop and CityPop, Jerry has etched his mark as a self-produced singer-songwriter, boasting a substantial 9.9 million views on his YouTube channel. His repertoire includes not only original compositions but also mesmerizing 80's remixes that infuse a nostalgic charm into familiar pop numbers.

Jerry's musical journey commenced early in life through formal classical music studies, honing his skills on the piano and the majestic pipe organ. This foundation laid the groundwork to facilitate his artistic curiosity, enabling him to delve into the intricate realm of arranging for classical instruments with finesse.

Transitioning seamlessly into the world of performing arts, Jerry ventured into working with various artiste agencies, cutting his teeth doing roadshows and corporate events, drawing audiences into his musical universe. Beyond his musical endeavors, Jerry dipped his toes into the world of television, embracing minor acting roles with state-owned media conglomerate, Mediacorp.

However, it was the allure of the 80's sound that truly ignited Jerry's artistic passion. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Omega Tribe, Toshinobu Kubota, Hiroshi Satoh, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, he meticulously cultivates his musical taste. Slapped basslines, lush synths, and dramatic gated drums define his signature sound, a homage to the era that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Jerry's creative process is a testament to his dedication. From synthesizing sounds from scratch to utilizing diverse sample libraries, he obsessively crafts the quintessential essence of the 80's sound. His early encounters with analogue recording equipment serve as pillars in understanding and reproducing the distinctive textures of that era.

In live performances, Jerry orchestrates a unique twist, reimagining his studio tracks by assigning parts to live instruments. Working closely with local session musicians, he breathes life into his synth-heavy compositions, adapting them seamlessly to the live stage without compromising their original sonic intention.

Despite challenges faced in the music industry, Jerry Galeries remains resolute in his journey, steering his endeavors independently. His experiences have led him to pursue alternate professions, including being a licensed commercial pilot and an apprentice Pipe Organ technician. These roles not only provide stability but empower him to fund his musical pursuits without relying on unreliable entities in the music scene.

The predominant lyrical identity shines through, weaving tales of introspection, nostalgia, and yearning. His heartfelt storytelling, juxtaposed against the vibrant and upbeat musical arrangements, crafts a unique dichotomy within the artistry. It's a blend that invites audiences to groove to infectious backbeats while delving into the emotional depth of his narratives, creating an unusual, but immersive sonic experience.

In the ever-evolving Singaporean music landscape, Jerry Galeries stands tall as a beacon of dedication and passion, reviving the essence of the 80's with his distinctive musical style and unwavering commitment to artistic integrity.

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